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>Hi All,
>        I have been playing with a high performance charging circuit design
>that uses a 15kV 60 mA neon transformer.  I have the design ironed out so
>that when the input voltage is 120 volts, the current is about 8 amps.  The
>output voltage is 15kV and the current is 60 mA (all RMS values).  This is
>charging a 20nF cap to 21 kV peak.  So everything is within specifications
>of the components.  
>        The first problem is when the gap fails to fire or you are turning
>up the variac and the gap hasn't fired yet.  Without the gap firing, the
>neon's input current is 20 amps.  The output voltage is still 15kV but the
>output current is 115mA. 

Please, mind my stupid and simple question, but I don't really understand why
if the gap doesn't fire the NST sinks higher current. Do you mean that if the
gap doesn't fire you reach a point of the AC half-wave (charging the primary 
capacitor) that results in 115 mA of charging current?


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