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Hi Bill, 

        I only know of one stage performer Harry Transator (I am not sure
that name is correct) who has been killed by a Tesla coil.  I think he
touched a part of stage framing that was grounded and the primary voltage
arced though to the secondary and through him resulting in ventricular
defibrillation.  (no CPR back then).  I am sure others know the details
better.  This is the only incident I have heard of.  It is important to keep
track of such things so that the rest of use can learn and avoid the same
fate.  Of course, connecting yourself to hundreds of thousands of volts
driven by the local power grid is not recommended!  Bill Wyesock is very
expert and he understood and assumed the risk.    No one should try this
sort of thing who isn't very expert, has friends around who know CPR, and
like those medical shows suggest, do the demonstration in the lobby of the
hospital's ER.
        Tesla's pictures are double exposures.  Tesla didn't like the idea.
He thought it was sensationalistic.  His coil would have very easily injured
on killed him and he knew it.

        Terry Fritz

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>> > ...I have a National Geographic magazine that shows Bill Wyesock sitting
>> on a
>> >platform charged to well over a million volts from a coil with streamers
>> >emanating from a rod he was holding...
>> > Mike Hollingsworth
>> Mike - could you let us know what issue that was?
>> Terry Perdue
>Does anyone have a running count of how many we lost this way?
>I believe Tesla used double exposure during his time and died of old
>age..this is " Definitly a heart stopper"