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> I had hoped to use 10" diam acrylic tubing for the secondary, but at
> $40/ft, may have to use PVC. But I'm considering getting some sheet
> acrylic and melting it around a form, possibly in half-cylinder sections,
> then cementing them together. I've been pretty successful forming
> plexiglas in this way in the past, and assume that it is the material of
> choice. Has anyone tried this? (I'm assuming that the sheet stock is much
> less expensive.)   snip
> Thanks for your comments.
> Terry Perdue >>


I made up a 7" dia, by 19" tall secondary form by heating plexiglas
in the oven and bending it into a cylinder and gluing the seam.  I had
some trouble with getting the seam to bend fully, and had to touch up
the job using a propane torch.  In the end, the job was successful,
although the roundness of the plexi is not perfect.  Someone suggested
an improved method for the bending, but I can't remember off-hand
what it was, but I should have the info in my notes, or maybe someone
will re-post it.  Or you could search the list archives.

In general, I think it's a lot easier to just use a pre-made cylinder of
PVC or whatever.  Polyethylene or polypropylene has lower losses,
but in the real world you won't see any difference in performance.

The key to TC success generally lies within other TC design factors.

John Freau