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To Bill Henderson, and all on the Tesla List:

The subject title below might be appropriate, in the case of several
noted Tesla coilers, over the years, such as Henry L Transtrom, who
was electrocuted, while working on a stage and using a large Tesla
coil, (he inadvertantly allowed a power arc to go from his body to
some metal framing, that was part of the stage backdrop.)  In his
case, you could say that (he) became a "dead dummy load."

There are certainly living "dummys" as well.  The point is, to be
ever cautious, and know absolutely what you are doing, every time
you come in contact in any way, with a Tesla coil.  It is always better
to err on the side of caution, then take risks and become careless.  You
(gereranlly speaking,) do *not* get a second chance!

The picture in National Geographic is from their July 1993 issue.  The
image of me sitting on top of a 4 foot tall insulated pedestal that is
connected to a Model 5D Tesla Coil, was shot outdoors and clear of
anything that would cause a power arc to develop.  This coil, like
many other coils that people use and experiment with, is capable of
delivering enough current in a power arc situation, that the so-called
"skin effect" does not save you from becoming seriously electrically
shocked.  Several people I know, who have sat on that same platform,
connected up to that same coil, have  accidentally allowed a power
arc to go from a copper tube held in their hand, to ground.  The result were
*always* the same;  the galvanic shock reaction literally *blew* them off
the pedestal (one person even received cracked ribs from his fall.)

Generally speaking, smaller coils (such as the NST powered classes) are
not so dangerous; but when you are using a poetential transformer or
pole pig as the power source, you can't afford to take chances.

The moral to the story is: none of us needs (or wants) any bad press.  It is
incumbant of each of us, as Tesla coil enthusiasts, to always be extremely
careful, and hopefully, we'll all live to a grand old age, just as Tesla 

FWIT, the name is Wysock; not Wyesock.

Best regards to all.

Bill Wysock
Tesla Technology Research

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Subject: Re: Dummmmy Load (fwd)
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> > ...I have a National Geographic magazine that shows Bill Wyesock sitting
> on a
> >platform charged to well over a million volts from a coil with streamers
> >emanating from a rod he was holding...
> > Mike Hollingsworth
> Mike - could you let us know what issue that was?
> Terry Perdue

Does anyone have a running count of how many we lost this way?
I believe Tesla used double exposure during his time and died of old
age..this is " Definitly a heart stopper"