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>"I actually have a copy of the original lecture wherein Thompson reveals
>specifications of the coil he demonstrated. It was built *like* an
>induction coil, except that the primary was on the outside and the
>secondary was on the inside. However, the coaxial construction was the
>as an induction coil and the coils were oil immersed. He doesn't give
>primary capacitance so there's no way to know if the coil was tuned, but
>I'd suppose that it would have had to have been, since it operated by
>*disruptive discharge,* rather than mechanical interruption like a
>conventional induction coil."
>	I'd sure like to get a copy of that paper to read.  On the same
>subject, where did Tesla claim to have invented the "Tesla coil"?  Guess
>I could look through his patents, but haven't done so.  I have read his
>descriptions of what he had done, and some of his lecture notes, but
>don't remember any claim as to original invention.  Certainly resonant
>coupling had been observed by others (Lodge, for example) before Tesla's

Ok, I'll go to the library and find the original I copied mine from, and
post the dates. I'm fairly sure it came out of Scientific American. Our
library has them bound back to 1850. I'll also see if I can get a friendly
typist to reproduce the article and put it on the web so anyone who's
interested can get it.