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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 08:55:58 +0930
From: Mark Finnis <mefinnis-at-medicine.adelaide.edu.au>
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Subject: Re: insulating primary tank (fwd)

At 09:42 PM 24/07/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Im building a display coil for school so safty is a major concern. So
>im building a fully insulated primary tank. I wont rely on this
>insulation but every little counts. Insulating the xfmr,cap,spark
>gap,and protection circuit is easy but the primary coil well thats
>sort of different. Every SG tesla coil ive ever seen has exposed hv
>primary coils. SOOOOO why not build a lexan box round the primary with
>a smart door for retuning. a hole in the top of the box to allow a
>secondry coil to protude. 

Best idea is like the coil at a science exhibition near me.  They have the
entire coil in a Faraday cage & the control box for the power supply in a
locked cabinet.

And we are talking about a big coil here ;-)


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