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Subject: RE: National geographic tesla mention

Hi Ross,

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Subject: National geographic tesla mention

See if you can find national geographic july 93 ther is a simple but
good mention of tesla coils. There is also some cool pics of people
sitting on coils holding light bulbs which are being fully lit by
dischaarge off the top of some monster coil i suspect 10kva.

Yes, very familiar with that article.
The first photo you see is Bill Wysock (http://www.ttr-dot-com) ontop of a
platform holding a metal rod with a 40W lightbulb in series. This platform
is connected to his Model 5D Tesla Coil (240KHz).

The guys sitting in front of a tesla coil (yes, it was 10KVA when it
existed) are a few members from the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond with
Richard Hull (Hi Richard!) (one of the most respected coilers in the world)
standing at the controls.
The tesla coil was known as Nemesis. This coil was later dismantled as
Richard was more interested in delving into the more advanced machines -
The TCBOR web page can be found at http://cator.hsc.edu/~kmd/tcbor/

On the page after, you see Dave Archer (a lightning artist) using a tesla
coil (built by B. Wysock) for artwork.
Dave Archer can be found at http://www.davearcher-dot-com - there is a
Quicktime movie of him painting with lightning.

I found this at the dentists waiting room before i got my teeth groung
down to paste :-(

Well, at least you had something pleasant to think about whilst in the
chair! :-)