Re: Re: I finished my home made transformer. (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:10:11 EDT
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	I plan to place it in oil to reduce the corona discharge at 29 kV, 
so far I have only tested it at 15 kV 240 ma.  This morning I ran it on 
and off for a total of about 20 minutes in a 1 hour period and I couldn't 
notice any change in temperature of the core or windings.  That was 
at 3.6 KVA.  A friend of mine sent me the core for free.  Friends aren't 
they great :)  

	I am presently getting another 100 kV 10 nf cap.  I am planning to 
run my 10" TC on two 100 kV 10 nf caps.  Primary voltage will be 
29 kV.  Primary break rate will be 120 Hz.  Total power used by caps 
6.4 KVA.  Later when I start itching for longer sparks I might increase 
the power to 9 KVA, but this is defiantly pushing a 10" coil.  I took 
some pictures of streamers hitting the ceiling of my lab.  They should 
be up on my web page in about 3 days.

Erik Schulz