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to: Greg

You can do it safely with your 450 va coil.  The real issue here is the
peak current density in the arc and is really dependent on the size of your
primary capacitor and how efficient your pri-sec coupling is.  The larger
diameter coils will produce higher current densities.  We found a logical
limit with a coil dia. of 12 inches (max) and a .03 MFD cap.  Values
greater than these two will begin to annoy you and they start to burn you. 
Below these values -- no problem if you are not standing barefoot in a pool
of water.


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> Subject: Dummy Load (fwd)
> Date: Thursday, July 23, 1998 10:01 PM
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> Dear List,
> How much Tesla coil spark can one safely terminate into one's carcass? 
> I'm asking because when I was a kid I saw a photo in a book of a child
> drawing an arc from a Tesla coil with a butter knife.  Looked like she
> pulling about a 6" spark from a table top coil.  This photo so colored my
> thinking that I routinely tested my early coils in this manner, confident
> that the "skin effect" (described in the same book) would protect me.  So
> what is the safe power limit for this sort of thing?  I've pulled arcs
> from homebrew coils (up to 380VA) by letting the spark jump to a metal
> object in my hand.  I've never been shocked or burned.  I'm afraid to try
> it with my 450VA coil.  Should I be?  Is there an upper power limit--or a
> lower frequency limit--where this is no longer safe? 
> Greg
> Reluctant to be a Dummy Load in Beck Row, UK