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Sounds like a lot of complex work to accomplish a simple task.  Use a
standard PVC tube.  Place a hook or ball at one end.  Use a ring-tonque
terminal to attach a #12 ground wire to the hook or ball.  Tape wire along
tube and bring out lower end to hook with another ring tonque (can't come
loose) for a solid connection to a reference ground.  Don't use alligator
clips on any safety grounding terminal such as this unit.  If you require a
slower discharge time for high energy caps use a series resistor of 100-250
Ohms at 1,000 watt rating.  Simple, easy, used in labs throughout the
country -- no need for metal terminals near your heart which might actually
attract corona and make the whole affair even more dangerous.


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> Subject: Safety Questions (fwd)
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> Hi,
> Suppose you want to discharge a capacitor and use a long insulator, say
> a piece of PVC tubing, to insulate yourself from the cap.  You don't
> really know until after it's too late whether the insulator will be
> adequate.  There may be conductive "junk" on the surface.  It occurred
> to me that it would be much safer to ground the end of the tubing that
> you are holding.  That way, the short is directly to ground rather
> than through you if the insulator fails.  Is there a flaw with this
> reasoning?  Is this typically done?
> To prevent current from passing through a person's chest cavity, how
> about wearing two watches with spring-type metal bands, one on each
> wrist, and connecting them with a conductor tucked inside the person's
> shirt to keep it out of the way?  I admit that this sounds a little
> strange, but it also seems like it might make a difference.  Comments?
> Jim Monte