Re: Output arc lenghts (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 19:10:57 EDT
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Subject: Re: Output arc lenghts (fwd)

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     The system will be powered by a resistively limited pole pig, so no
chance of
 resonant charging, I'm planning on running with a static gap, so 100 pulses
 sec, and a spherical top load about 3" in dia. as for quenching, not sure,
but the
 gap will be at least fan blown, possibly air blast if I can get the compresor
 of a friend :-).
                                     Thanks for the advice,

This sounds like quite a small system to be using pole transformer power.  I
am not sure you will be able to get static gaps to quench unless you have the
transformer throttled back a long ways.  I was not able to get my RQ spark gap
to quench using my 14.4 kv pole transformer with both inductive and resistive
ballast.  A pole transformer power supply usually means a rotary gap is

Ed Sonderman