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> 1. I was wondering about charging the tank cap with DC voltage supplied
> by a neon transformer and a half or full-wave rectifier. This would
> allow charging larger caps with smaller transformer because the spark
> gap wouldn't fire 50 or 60 times per second but less frequently, let's
> say every second. I guess that the peak power delivered to the coil
> shouldn't be much different as it depends, IMO, on the peak voltage
> before the spark gap fires and not how often this occurs. Is that
> correct? Any other parameter unchanged, does the repetition rate of the
> tank cap discharge affect the quality (lenght, brightness, etc) of the
> streamers jumping out the toroid?
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> Ciao
> Max Di Tommaso >>

Hi Max,

Welcome to the group.

The repetition rate has a great effect on the brightness and length
of the sparks.  A high rep rate will make the sparks brighter
and longer, but will draw a lot more power as you said.  

I'm working on a small demo/experimental coil now.  I doubled up
on the NST input transformers (2 in parallel instead of one).  My 
spark length increased from 22" to 25".  I then installed a larger
toroid and obtained incredible looking 27" sparks, using the small
3" by 9" secondary wound with #34 tight-wound magnet wire.  This
coil is running right on the edge of breakdown.  I don't recommend
building a coil with these specs...it's for experimental work.  I'll 
report on this coil as the work progresses.  It gives 1st notch quench
at k = .2, using a static gap similar to the one Terry F built.

Your english is fine.

John Freau