Re: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science. (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science. (fwd)

  Clay, All -

  I hope that the Tesla List does not get side-tracked into discussions on
scientific dogmas, viewpoints, theory vs practice, Aristotelian views,
determinism, chaos theory, etc, etc,etc.

  I do not think that "contradicting theory" is any big deal. It may mean
either the theory is wrong or is being misinterpreted. A decision can easily
be made by testing real world coils. This is what coilers like Malcolm are
doing every day.

  I now find that the  "John vs Malcolm"  discussion was referring to two
different things. Malcolm was referring to "transfer is lossless". I was
referring to "coupling vs tuning". That can be chaos.

  John Couture


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>Subject: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science.
>	Malcolm, all:
>	I reiterate what Bart said, only even more vigorously.  I read Michael's
>original post with intense amusement, as I had been thinking something along
>those lines for a bit now, only didn't bother to post about it.  


>	Safe coiling and happy science to all.
>						Clay Wilson