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to: Adam

The trick with copper tubing is to buy it in a boxed roll (50 ft.) and keep
it in its circular form.  Remove the entire coil from the box and set it
over the primary area.  Put it in your first notch and work slowly outward
to expand the turn approx 1/2-3/4 turn ahead of where you want the next
notch/attach point.  Keep slowly unrolling and fastening it in place always
keeping a turn or so ahead of your attach point.  Use circular motions to
unroll the tubing -- never force or bend it.  Coax will work fine with a
smaller coil under 4 ft. spark length and you can solder the inner and
outer together at both end.  The tubing will give you the best current
peaks but it takes awhile to learn how to work it.  Don't fret -- nearly 42
years ago I made the exact same mistake and threw it all away also.  The
more we work with electronics and new technology the more we learn --
that's the whole idea.


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> Subject: Primary Materials (fwd)
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> Once again a fledgling coiler has yet another question. Yesterday I made
> flat pancake coil form out of four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC mounted
> on some painted plywood. After making my coilform, I tried winding the
> thing with thin-wall 1/4 copper tubing. I had trouble. The tubing kept
> kinking and never formed a good circle. After struggling with about 6
> I called it quits and removed the tubing. Yesterday's fiasco has swayed
> to winding the primary with coax. Now, will using coax reduce coil
> performance? I thought maybe eventually I could try tubing again and
> replace it if it does. Do you use both coax conducters or just the outer
> sheilding? One the coil masters out there should write an article on
> primary winding (RQ seems pretty with that type of thing) Well, anyway,
> next post will either be me asking for help with trouble shooting my
> completed coil or a link to some great operating pictures. I'm hoping for
> the later. Thanks Again,
> Adam