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> Once again a fledgling coiler has yet another question. Yesterday I made my
> flat pancake coil form out of four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC mounted radially
> on some painted plywood. After making my coilform, I tried winding the
> thing with thin-wall 1/4 copper tubing. I had trouble. The tubing kept
> kinking and never formed a good circle. After struggling with about 6 turns
> I called it quits and removed the tubing. Yesterday's fiasco has swayed me
> to winding the primary with coax. Now, will using coax reduce coil
> performance? I thought maybe eventually I could try tubing again and
> replace it if it does. Do you use both coax conducters or just the outer
> sheilding? One the coil masters out there should write an article on
> primary winding (RQ seems pretty with that type of thing) Well, anyway, my
> next post will either be me asking for help with trouble shooting my
> completed coil or a link to some great operating pictures. I'm hoping for
> the later. Thanks Again,
> Adam 

Cut slots in the PVC former strips that your copper tubing will press 
down into from the top.  I use a drillbit just larger than the tubing 
and then saw into the edges of each hole with a bandsaw.  This makes 
a nice slot with a round bottom.  If you saw carefully you can make 
the slot width a tight pressfit which will hold the tubing captive 
once seated in place.  Pre-form the copper tubing into the flat spiral 
you want first on a large flat surface and then gently lay this on 
top of your completed primary support and simply press the copper 
into the slots, working in a spiral outwards from the innermost 
mounting position.

Good luck.

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