Re: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science. (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science. (fwd)

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> Subject: Dogmatism, 'authority questioning,' and science.
> 	Malcolm, all:
> 	I reiterate what Bart said, only even more vigorously.  I read Michael's
> original post with intense amusement, as I had been thinking something along
> those lines for a bit now, only didn't bother to post about it.  
> 	As I've said before, I'm no physicist or electronics wizard - but I
> am a scientist by trade and training.  Science has dogmas which, sometimes, are 
> useful for a time until the 'surrounding knowlege base' makes it clear that
> the dogmas may be flawed.  However, once they're accepted as useful, sometimes
> it's not exactly *clear* how long, or how tenaciously, they should be held
> on to.  
> 	In order for science to advance in a way that is positive and true, 
> it takes both kinds of us: those who tend toward dogmatism and those who 
> have a low threshold to 'question authority,' if you will, or to espouse the
> potential for modifying existing convention and traditional wisdom.
> 	Science could not be, without both kinds of scientist.  The existence
> of both kinds necessitates the careful verbalization and rationalization of
> each viewpoint - forcing each other to listen carefully to each other's
> reasoning, and defend their own viewpoint if they think they should, or 
> even consider that the other is right...  :-)
> 	I am certain that Michael meant no offense to either Malcolm or
> John, or anyone else.  As to myself, I'm very glad to have everyone's
> posts here.  Although I really only understand probably about half of what 
> I read here, I just read, and post sometimes, and lurk a lot, and learn very,
> very much.  And, the price is right.
> 	Safe coiling and happy science to all.
> 						Clay Wilson> 
 		I fully agree.  Just wanted to see if everyone was awake.