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Subject: Re: Delta Fo (was How to raise secondary) (fwd)

"It is easy to observe in the operation of most coils that streamers
at almost the same places for long periods. There are certainly ionized
channels attached to the terminal. Do the measurements show that the
gap quench occur really before the initial conduction from the terminal
to the
streamers? More reasonable would be a lower breakdown voltage for
of attached streamers, and streamers draining current as soon as the
voltage reaches this value, what can happen well before the opening of
primary gap.
An ion cloud is also something that can add to the secondary
I believe that both effects are present.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz"

	Any question about the duration of the ionized channels can be resolved
by simply blowing on  them  (electric fan is perhaps a lot safer) and
watching what happens.  Also, once the ionization forms, the loading of
the secondary will be increased and the secondary Q decreased; both this
and the added capacitance (think it's real) lower the resonant