Re: 30 9 mil gaps, great quenching (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 06:17:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: Larry Bud Melman <gasman-at-althea.a-line-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: 30 9 mil gaps, great quenching (fwd)

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> Subject: 30 9 mil gaps, great quenching
> Hello,
> 	I have bin using a RQG with forced air and have bin getting 3rd notch 
> quenches, Then I switched to a RQG with a vacuum cleaner pulling air through 
> it.  This gave me 2nd notch quenching.  At this point I was getting 33" 
> streamers.  I read some of Terry's writing and decided to build a static gap 
> that would have 30 gaps that were 9 mils each.  So I built it and connected it
> into my primary circuit.  Then I stepped back 4 feet and flipped the switch.
> 	A huge explosion of sparks came off of the secondary nearly hitting me 
> in the arm.  After I moved away another 4 feet and checked my pulse I 
> turned it back on.  It was putting out nice 39" streamers on 15KV/60ma NST.  
> I checked my scope and noted that it quenched on the first notch every time.  
> I was also getting some corona from my strike rails so I replaced the wire 
> with copper tubing and it went away.  At this point I was low on time so I 
> didn't have a chance to change the coupling.  Ow well, that will be tomorrow's
> adventure.

	Excellent!  I'm sure glad I had the bravery to ask the question
about that to the theoreticians out there (I was almost too chicken,
since the time I've been on this list (couple months), the talk has been
that any coil of significant size, expected to perform to any real degree,
*had to have* a RSG, and I wasn't looking particularly forward to making

	Just a linear array, with no airflow arrangement?

	I was thinking about trying to build such a gap on the interior
of a large diameter pipe, ala RQ, for possible application of a large
pancake fan.  But, if you're getting good results without, I think I'm
just gonna try a straight one.