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Subject: Re: Slightly off subject request for identification (fwd)

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> Subject: Slightly off subject request for identification
> Greetings,
> A engineer friend of mine, who I have been trying to get to join the
> list, has a piece of equipment he cannot identify.  I suggested that if
> anyone could they would be on our list so here goes.  He has a tube(I
> would describe it as a diode as it has only two pins) that is
> cylindrical with a diameter of approximately 2" and length of 6".  One
> pin on each end.  This is stamped in the metal on one end: VC50-20.  And
> this is printed in ink near by: 48B081.  Now, it is mounted in a tank
> circuit of some sort with a high voltage variable capacitor with blades
> about 6" in diameter and the overall length of about 12".  this is
> printed on the capacitor frame:  Barker & Williams, Upper Darby, PA,
> CX70B.  Vic, my friend, has contacted them but they have no records as
> old as this apparently is.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Russ Thornton
> CSR 2040,
> Building 989, Rm.  A1-N20
> Phone: (407) 494-6430
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You have a 50pf 20kv vacuum capacitor.