Re: 30 9 mil gaps, great quenching (fwd)

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Subject: Re: 30 9 mil gaps, great quenching (fwd)

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>	Excellent!  I'm sure glad I had the bravery to ask the question
>about that to the theoreticians out there (I was almost too chicken,
>since the time I've been on this list (couple months), the talk has been
>that any coil of significant size, expected to perform to any real degree,
>*had to have* a RSG, and I wasn't looking particularly forward to making
>						Clay

Always feel free to ask questions!  A lot has changed recently and many of
the "old" answers are no longer valid.  The discussions of spark gaps,
streamer behaviour, 1/4 wave theories, etc. were all old questions that
fired up many new answers.  We just needed a spark to get it started!

Just don't ask about "raising the secondary"!  :-))

        Terry Fritz