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Date: 17 Jul 1998 12:20:46 -0700
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RE>Re: How to rise the secondary? (fwd)

Robert & All,   (Urination aside)

Re: delta fo: Might there a difference between a streamer attaching AFTER
the charge of Ctop and a fulltime wire which is part of Ctop DURING charge ?  
invalidating the the premise of:  "a conductor connected to the topload of a
TC to simulate an attached streamer.....".   the affect is observed but is the
assumption of its cause valid, proven ?

I tried to express this in an earlier submission to the list but haven't evoked 

Perhaps my thinking is flawed regarding the TIME relevance of streamer 
attachment ? I offered an alternative of dielectric alteration (ozone & nitrous
oxide) in the presence of 100's of long streamers may account for delta
Fo, as it hangs around awhile, dissipating slowly relative to Ctop charge freq
in 100's kHz or the Ctop arcs with 2Mhz to 50Mhz freqs (streamer discharges switch/attach/deattach on/off very fast). 

Dale  (all alone in a vacuum, but cranking the idea machine)
Date: 7/15/98 9:29 PM
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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 00:34:28 -0500
From: "Robert W. Stephens" <rwstephens-at-headwaters-dot-com>
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On Tuesday July 14,  I wrote: 

> John,
> I hope you can be as suprised as I was when I made this physical test.  Take an 
> average TC that can produce a solid 8 foot discharge, even on holidays.  Take a
> straight piece of copper wire, aluminum , steel or even a salty piss trail on an 
> otherwise insulating rug  that equals the let's say 8 foot output spark length.


To my horror I see that I may have unintentionally created a potential 
safety issue in my above advice.  I was merely trying to point out that any 
form of conductor connected to the topload of a TC to simulate an 
attached streamer is going to cause a considerable tuning change in 
the system as compared to non-breakout conditions.  Note that I DO 

Gee I hope nobody tried this.  Robert W. Stephens