Re: Output arc lenghts (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:03:23 EDT
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Subject: Re: Output arc lenghts (fwd)

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>     The system will be powered by a resistively limited pole pig, so no
chance of
> resonant charging, I'm planning on running with a static gap, so 100 pulses
> sec, and a spherical top load about 3" in dia. as for quenching, not sure,
but the
> gap will be at least fan blown, possibly air blast if I can get the
compresor back
> of a friend :-).


In your original posting you said 6", did you mean 6 feet sparks maybe? 
6 inches is
much too little for a pole pig.  If I had known you plan to use a pig, I 
would have given a very different answer.  By the way, you may get
a lot more than 100 pulses per second depending on how your gap is
adjusted and quenched.  Also a 3" dia topload is kind of small for a 
pole pig powered TC.  How many kva is the pole pig?  Have you built
other coils?

John Freau