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Subject: Re: Streamer loading and tuning (fwd)


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> Subject: Streamer loading and tuning
> Hi all,
>     Recent correspondence has prompted me to ask a few questions.
> Reading correspondence from John Couture he suggests raising the height of
> the secondary affects "find the proper tuning point".  I have always
> measured the resonance of my secondary with top load separately form the
> primary.  Then tune the primary circuit (without the secondary).  Then I
> have brought the two together.  I have never  tried re-tuning once together.
> If the coupling can effect the tuning should I be tuning as a complete coil?

Yes. The best way to prove this to yourself is to compare performance.

> On a similar note.  If a sparking coil has streamers which correspondence is
> suggesting has a significant effect on top load capacitance.  Would it be
> better to de-tune the primary lower than the secondary such that when the
> streamers are active they are in-tune?

Not necessarily. Tune by means of arc distance to ground rod for best
performance. This will take into account load conditions.