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It probably won't work very well.  You need ideally a closed C-core with a
0.120 inch gap and around 130-140 turns for a total series inductance of
around 40 milliHenries.  Your open core would requires a large magnitude
more turns -- probably around 1,000 and then still might require a series
resistance of 0.5 Ohm.  The straight core inductors do not work very well
-- we made one years ago and have long since switched to the gapped C-core
design.  We also still use a 0.5 Ohm series resistance to smooth of the
sharp peak loads.  


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> Subject: Request for math (ballasting) (fwd)
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> Subject: Request for math (ballasting)
> I've got this insane idea to build my own reactor to limit current
> to my (soon to be ordered) pig.
> Call me nuts, but there is something about kludging a welder
> that doesn't seem elegant to me.
> Anyway, I am hoping that someone out there that has experience
> with the building of iron core inductors can send me the appropriate
> equations.
> My idea is to take some PVC ( I have 2" and 3.5" ) and stuff it with
> iron rods (either round stock or welding rods, not sure which yet) then
> wind xxx turns of 10AWG on that, with taps at various points to 
> give me different power levels.  Hopefully this is not too crazy, and
> someone out there can point me to the math needed to compute
> the approximate inductance of the iron core coil.
> Thanks
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