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> Subject: Output arc lenghts
> Is there anyone out there who is willing to take a guess at the maximum arc
> lenght I could get from a 4nF primary cap run at 11Kv (rms), I'm thinking in
> range 6", but if anyone knows better I'd be V.greatful to hear from you.
>                                             Steve >>


You can get about 19" sparks without resonant charging, and
26" with resonant charging.  Is this an NST powered TC?  As 
references, I obtained 13" sparks from a 10kV, 23ma OBIT, with 1.5nF
pri. cap., and 18" or so from a 7kV, 30ma NST, with 7nF cap., and 26" 
from a 9kV,30ma NST, with 7nF cap.  (I'm assuming you can get at
least 30ma of current from your transformer.  If you're using something
current limited to 10ma for example, then all bets are off   :)  

Power input, toroid size, quenching, etc, will affect the results.

John Freau