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> Good job.  Are you going to provide the list with the circuit?  I have
> been trying something similar but with two switching transistors.  I
> cooked them this weekend so I will be starting from scratch.
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> >July 10-98 Freds Log
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> > Finished the variable oscillator and the power output circuitry today,
> >consisting of a 555 timer and a horizontal output transistor. This
> >drives the very large (old) TV flyback transformer. I am getting 3-4
> >inch arcs without tripler circuit connected. Next: hookup the spark-gap
> >circuit and feed this to the primary of tesla coil. Will attempt
> >resonance. Wish me good luck ! Images soon.
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Increase the size of wire you are useing (say 10 gauge or solid copper
as in home wiring will do -leave on insulation)  install a small 10 ohm
2 watt or 5 watt resistor or more depending on heat of the transistors,
this will cut down on the power but will not cook your transistors. put
this resistor to one side of the power input to the flyback. Your
cooking them because your driveing them to hard. find a nice range by
experimenting. you may find more then 20 turns or more will work better,
size of wire allows more current to flow, for max power transfer. 

The circuit you are mentioning, let me guess ;) you have a darlington
transitor combo with feedback. large coil has 20 turns with a tab, small
coil is feedback loop into bases of transistors. Is this correct ?
This circuiit has limitations. But it does work.

Also try a TV tripler to increase your output and cause less drain on
the flyback. Good Luck !
Will get that circuit drawn soon. Fred.