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>   Richard H. -
>   In the extreme!? Are you talking about the streamer capacitance?
>   John Couture
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> >>   Do you (or R. Hull) have any test data that would show how much the
> >> streamer loading, etc. capacitance is and how much it affects the operating
> >> frequency after the toroid mounting capacitance change is taken into
> >> consideration? As I indicate above the operating frequency change for only
> >> the streamer loading, etc. should be very small.
> >
> >...........................Streamer loading on a real big system is extreme.
> >Nemesis' instrumented resonance with top load was 66khz.  Running, for best
> >spark, another whole turn was required to go to 54khz.  I learn quickly to drop
> >the calculations and expect at least a full extra turn on all primaries where a
> >toroid was used whose diameter was in excess of  100% the coil height.  After
> >1992 all of my magnifiers used toroidal diameters which approach 200% of the
> >resonator coil height.  Maggey 11-E  uses a 46" diameter toroid on a 12" long
> >resonator.  R. Hull
> >
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I hope you can be as suprised as I was when I made this physical test.  Take an 
average TC that can produce a solid 8 foot discharge, even on holidays.  Take a
straight piece of copper wire, aluminum , steel or even a salty piss trail on an 
otherwise insulating rug  that equals the let's say 8 foot output spark length.
Electrically connect this conductor to your topload and suspend this piece of
straight outwardsbound conductor radially away from the topload of your coil
discharge terminal through the help of insulating nylon fishing line, or 
plastic barrels.  With an o-scope and signal generator measure the secondary Fo 
of the HV resonator before and after the introduction of this electrically isolated
streamer length wire representation model!

Hint: If the software program you rely upon doesn't anticipate this 
experiment I suggest you test this effect in real hardware and find a 
way to include it's variability into your software.  It is rather 

I suggest that you will discover that a long streamer causes a great 
deal more than _insignificant_ tuning and loading effect upon a 
non-sparking Tesla coil.

Richard Hull and many others of us with dirty hands now know this well from
the doing.

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