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  Most electricians handbooks I have read discuss chemical treatment to
the soil around ground rods for the main purpose of lowering the ground
resistance.   The  chemicals used are magnesium sulfate, copper sulfate
or rock salt.  The application is usually in the way of a semicircular
trench around the ground rods, or a length of pipe sunk in the ground
close to the rod and filled with the chemicals.

  I personally use two 4 inch dia. P.V.C. pipes in my ground rod area and
fill them with water softener salt.  (cheaper than rock salt and does the
job)   A  length of 1/2" P.V.C. with small holes drilled in it is buried
several feet down above the ground rods with a garden hose attachment to
keep the salt bed wet.   And yes, the grass does continue to grow above
it for some reason. 

Kevin E.

>The other day I talked to someone in the national guard. He said that 
>they install a ground rod they always pour rock salt (Ice cream salt) 
>and around the hole. Anyone ever heard of this?

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