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   I have studied and researched this problem with over a dozen coils. My
 conclusion was that raising the secondary was not necessary with a properly
 designed TC. In fact a TC that requires raising the secondary can never be
 adjusted to produce optimum output. This is because moving the secondary
 away from the primary will reduce the output. I have not solved the problem
 of finding the exact coupling for a particular TC. However, coupling is not
 critical as it does not affect the amount of energy transferred. Only
 sufficient pri/sec clearance is required to prevent sparkovers. I agree more
 research is needed.
   John Couture


Pardon me, but you seem to beating a dead horse here.  Some of us prefer to
build coils by doing the math, build the thing, fire it up and adjust for the
most spark.  This really isn't a big deal, it's all part of the fun.  I think
you are the only person that I know that wants to design the thing perfectly
on paper, then build it and not touch it.

Ed Sonderman