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Subject: Re: Source of NSTs and bombarders (fwd) A bombarder is...

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> Subject: Source of NSTs and bombarders
> OK, guys.  I finally got the time to venture over to our local
> distributor of neon sign transformers to find out what they do with
> their warranty returns.  I was hoping, as was suggested on the list,
> that they just threw them out and I would just be able to take my pick.
> No such luck(I don't believe in luck anyway)!  They were very short with
> me and informed me that they have someone who BUYS the returned NSTs
> from them for the purpose of making bombarders.  Now, I  guess I am back
> to scrounging the sign shops, which has not been too successful but I
> will keep trying but now I hope you guys can answer me this: What is a
> bombarder?

A bombarder is essentially a very high power NST. They use them when
making a neon sign to run a lot of power through the tube to heat it up
so that it does all of its outgassing. Typical specs are 15 kVA or 25
kVA, almost always 240VAC input. They are basically a "big" transformer
(an amp at 15 kV) with a variable inductor in the primary to limit the
current. Sort of like a tesla coil primary supply....

They are described in various catalogs catering to the neon and sign

You might want to take a look at the following link:

where someone made a bombarder from a surplus potential transformer and
an arc welder. Sound familiar????