Am I Right ? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 02:36:43 -0400
From: quantum3 <quantum3-at-geocities-dot-com>
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Subject: Am I Right ?

I think I understand now what is going on inside the Tesla coil, but
correct me if I am wrong.
We need to achieve maximum current transfer through the primary coil
(Tesla coil). To achieve this we  need to achieve resonance between the
primary and secondary coils. Maximum current transfer occurs only at
resonance where the impedance is at the lowest level. With nearly zero
resistance  to current flow, maximum field can be achieved and induced
directly into the secondary winding.

The secondary winding having many more turns then the primary, converts
all available current to voltage (ohms law). So resonance regardless of
coil dimensions must be achieved regardless of all other factors, though
they are important. The spark cap and the capacitor provide resonance
for the primary windings. If I look at this from a different angle
however (for example; audio circuits), most of the circuits contain a
capacitor also on the secondary winding to adjust the resonance on that
side of the circuit too. However in many designs of Tesla coils I do not
see this (cap on the secondary). Why is this ?  

Thanks, & Good Luck !  Fred.