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Subject: Re: 60 Gaps at 4 mil Data (fwd)

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>	I have begun building a multi gap of my own with adjustable spacing:
>I used 2 copper pipe caps joined by a small section of copper pipe.  One 
>cap is fixed and the other is moveable--  when completed each 
>section, secured to lexan by plastic pipe straps, should be completely 
>adjustable for maximum flexibility.  The enclosure will probably be two 
>sheets of lexan sandwiching the row of gaps, with a slanted wooden form 
>for focusing the blast of air.  
>  Terry, you said that you had a 10 kw system using multi-gaps.  Are you 
>using a pig setup?  Are these high power levels really feasable without a 
>		--Mike

I have only used this on a 1KW neon system.  There was some discussion about
higher powered systems but no testing has been done.

        Terry Fritz