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> hi terry
>I really like your gap design. I was going to modify my rq type gap to
>improve the quenching, but i will try your idea first to get some
>comparison. What is the rating of your power supply?. This gap looks so
>much better for adjusting the voltage. thanks for all your invaluable
>experiments and scope pictures they are really useful to throw at the
>techys who dismiss anything more than three weeks old as old fashioned and
>no longer relevant.
> You say you live at 5500 feet.  I gather  this is in the mountains. Is the
>air always dry? I live at sea level in the UK and at the moment it is
>raining, as it has most of this summer. I wonder what difference this makes
>to spark length.
>bob golding lightning without rain
>bob yubba-at-clara-dot-net

Hi Bob,

The power supply is a 900 watt neon.  I live in Colorado, the humidity
usually low.  I have noticed on humid days that the coil is more lossy.  On
a damp day, the secondary will ring down almost twice as fast as a dry day.
The spark length does decrease somewhat.

Terry Fritz