Re: Coilforms, sealants/glyptal (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 12:55:40 -0500 (CDT)
From: Larry Bud Melman <gasman-at-althea.a-line-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: Coilforms, sealants/glyptal (fwd)

> If you are using the sonotube --- don't bother with the Bondo.  Just apply
> 3 coats of Glyptal inside and outside and then wind.  Apply 3 more light
> coats after winding and fire it up.  Glyptal was originally a very high

	But, as I stated, the reason I had chosen the bondo resin is
because of the relative flaccidity of the Sonotube.  I wanted to
improve the rigidity.  Glyptal won't do that, right?  And a few thousand 
feet of magnet wire is going to be lots of weight on this little cardboard
tube with no resin.....

	Well, still working on a 'real' coilform....