Re: Coilforms, sealants/glyptal (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 00:59:35 -0400
From: Richard Hull <rhull-at-richmond.infi-dot-net>
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Subject: Re: Coilforms, sealants/glyptal (fwd)

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> Subject: Coilforms, sealants/glyptal
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> > Glyptal is available from two sources I know of.  One is the red corona dope
> > marketed in the GC line of TV solvents and chemicals.  Most good electronic
> > jobbers carry the GC line of chemicals.  The other is Aldrich chemical with
> > still offers it. (expensive in block form)   Glyptal is not as good as some of
> > the more modern low vapor pressure materials like Inland seal,  vac-tite or
> > others.
> >
> > Richard Hull, TCBOR
>         Richard, and other glyptal advocates:
>         I'm a little cunfused about glyptal - only heard of it a couple of posts
> ago.  What is the nature and design purpose of the stuff??
>         Do you contend that all coilforms should be sealed inside and out with
> it, or just cardboard and other forms with 'poorer' electrical qualities?
>         I ask this partially because I'm having trouble finding a coilform as
> large as I want, and I've been considering just doing a 12 inch one out of
> one of those concrete post pouring forms made of spiral-wound cardboard.  I
> had been planning, if I used that, to seal the form inside and out with Bondo
> fiberglass resin (a two-component product with the 'fiberglass' (?!) resin and
> a hardener which is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide.)  I believe this is widely
> used for auto body repair.
>         I don't know anything about the electrical qualities of the material.
> I chose it because it will make the cardboard tube rigid enough.  Any experience
> with this stuff?  Would you go ahead and use 'glyptal' after sealing the tube as
> I described??
>         Thx in advance.
>                                                         Clay

I would never personally use glyptal in or around any Tesla coil system.  It used to
be used in a number of ways where a moisture resisitant and low vapor pressure seal
was needed.  It also has a decent high voltage stand off value.  I just don't glop
stuff on coils anymore.

Richard Hull., TCBOR