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Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 21:21:06 -0400
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Subject: Re: Found cheap magnet wire... (fwd)

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> Subject: Found cheap magnet wire...
> I called EIS today to see how much they sell magnet wire for.
> They have 10 LB spools in 15 - 42 gawg sizes.
> I asked about a 26 gawg 10 LB spool and it was $36.  Its for a xfmr I am
> winding
> There web page is http://www.eis-inc-dot-com/
> There phone number is 1-800-380-4EIS   Monday-Friday 8-7 EST
> Just call and say you need some pricing information on magnet wire.
> They will ask you what your company name is.
> Tell them you are a consumer and they will connect you to the right people.
> There magnet wire web page is  http://www.eis-
> inc-dot-com/catalog/elctrcl/wire_7.htm
> They don't have prices on the web page so you have to ask.
> Now go make a larger tesla coil :)
> Later Erik

Chip, Eric, ALL

I've personally used the local Richmond VA EIS office and have
received good service, reasonable prices (for new wire).  Most
magnet wire is Philips/Dodge brand.  EIS also sells the new
anticorona, super insulation magnet wire for winding Variable
Frequency Drive (VFD, Inverter) motors which see a PWM chopped
wave.  Insulation has significantly higher dielectric strength
and corona resistance, at a cost premium (about 30% more when
checked about a year ago. FWIW.