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Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 11:05:49 EDT
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> Because my spark gap is a RQ static gap with blower and two series of 2 of
> 0.0275" gaps connected in parallel, I think my next step will be to go for
> a RQ static gap with 7 mils gaps, to get better quenching and easier
> tunability of the gap number.


None of the gaps should be in parallel, they should all be in series.
I think the 7 mil spacing should work well, then you can use about
5 gaps in series I suppose, which should help the quenching if you're
having any quench problem.  Keep adding gaps until you get the
strongest sparks.

The number of streamers is important data.  Since you're still seeing
5 simultaneous streamers, you may still be able to benefit from a
larger toroid.  I've gotten the longest sparks in my systems when I
used a toroid which resulted in the creation of only one streamer.
Works pretty good with two streamers too.  Another trick is to raise
the toroid so the bottom of the toroid is about 3 or 4" above the
secondary, this can add a few more inches of spark output, but can
cause corona and secondary breakdown problems.  In coiling, there's
often no free lunch.  

I'm not sure if you said you tried adjusting your coupling,
if not, you may want to try that...both tighter and looser to see what
works best.  Coupling, quenching, and spark production all work

John Freau