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Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 23:50:56 -0400
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Subject: Re: Observations - Gaps and Arcs (fwd)

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> Subject: Re: Observations - Gaps and Arcs (fwd)
> > My employer made electrosurgery equipment back in the 40's (which used a
> > static gap).  I've dug through the old log books and discovered that
> > much research was performed pertaining to the number and size of the
> > spark gaps.
> >
> > One final design contained a series of 8 tungsten - tungsten gaps, 3/8
> > inch diameter, set for (I think) 0.012 inch each.  A clever mechanical
> > device would reset the spacings of each gap once the machine was turned
> > on - thus compensating for erosion.
> >
> > I've also discovered that the Miller part numbers (posted in the recent
> > tesla resource list from R. Hull) for the tungsten TIG contact points,
> > heat sinks, and ceramic base are still valid and stocked at most
> > locations. :)  They also want to charge the ludicrous price of 98..89 for
> > the p/n 096761 HF/HV 10KV 0.002 uf capacitor!
>         Since this talk about multi-static gaps has been propagating on
> this listserv, I've been wondering about the feasibility of such a gap,
> carried to the Nth degree, on a hi-power coil.  Like ten or twenty gaps
> divided equally, made with big pieces of material acting as big heat sinks,
> and lots of airflow with a big fan.
>         You see, I fear I am destined to have to build a RSG, and am actually
> seeking parts to do so.  However, as long as it is possible, I'm going to
> continue to delude myself into believing it's possible to consider alternatives.
> (for my about 10,000 watt, 27,000v, 16-20inch coil).
>         Yeah, I know - I'm nuts        ;-o
>                                                                 CW.

I operate small coils running at 4000 volts AC with 10 static gaps at 10-20 watts.
I have seen a few amateurs do very well with static gaps only of magnifiers!  The
power levels where static gaps seem to wilt regardless of manufacture method is
about 8KW.  I have personally used then with good results up to about 4KW.

Richard Hull, TCBOR