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Hi Richard, All

Since I use an automatic winder, I usually space wind to some degree.  The
coil mentioned has 0.030 inch pitch with 0.020 inch wire (10 mil air space).
I don't know if this is good enough for the suppression effects you and Dr.
Resonance mention.  

This effect is really interesting.  Probably the lower turn-to-turn
capacitance reduces HF resonance.  Since we want to make coils as neighbor
friendly as possible, this observation is very important.

	Terry Fritz

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>> The harmonic frequencies at noted by Terry in his coil at 7, 17, and 33 MHZ
>> can be surpressed by space winding the secondary inductor, or, as Rich Hull
>> has done --- going to extremely large capacitance top loads to force the
>> resonator to operate at a single fundamental frequency without a lot of HF
>> harmonics.
>......................................Indeed, the large top loads seem to
>supress, mightily, the RF radiation to near zero even at 10,000 watts!  With
>Nemesis hitting the 11KW lelvel with sparks, we took a sensitive RYCOM VLF
>receiver and RF voltmeter and noted the harmonics about the 54khz normal
>resonant frequency and was unable to pick up the harmonics 2 block from my
>house.  The primary frequency died out completely at 1/2 mile.  This is the
>sign of a supwrb sparker, as I have noted many times in the past on this list.
>No RF output at huge power input levels!  We seek to place 100% of the power
>into air losses!  VSWRs approaching infinity.  Giant capacitive loads feeding
>air with hot lossy arcs consuming and shunting all power to ground or its
>isotropic analog.  Probably more RF energy is sent out in the higher non
>harmonic frequencies generated by the arcs and arc related phenomena than the
>primary RF resonant frequency of operation!  Move as far away from radio
>engineering principles as possible once you have the energy in the primary
>Richard Hull, TCBOR