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Subject: Re: rotarys and gennys (fwd)

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> Subject: rotarys and gennys
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> >Hi all
> >       I have been offered a 25 kva generator with a separate exciter motor. I
> plan to use this with a pole pig when one turns up.

> It then occurred to me that I might be able to drive a rotorary gap direct
> off the alternator shaft to give a true synchronous output with  phase
> angle adjustment accomplished by making the fixed contacts adjustable. Does
> this sound workable, sensible?, possible. Have I missed anything. All
> feedback welcome.
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> >bob golding lightning without rain
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> >bob yubba-at-clara-dot-net

Tesla actually had a number of similar ideas and noted them as early as 1893 but
his book compiled by T.C. Martin in 1894 offer up a number of such schemes.  Also
wardenclyffe was to be 3 phase excited along these lines in some original copies of
his correspondence.

For amateur use it is just plan overkill, but good luck.

Richard Hull