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> Subject: Aluminum foil toroids
> Help from anybody out there!!
> I have checked an even dozen hardware/builder's supply stores in the area &
> can't find any dryer duct that is all aluminum foil & wire. All they seem to
> offer is solid aluminum (perforated), foil w/ a nylon mesh imbedded in it
> (both good choices for dryer duct) or plastic (which I thought was illegal).
> My olnly other thought was to go to the black corrugated drain pipe or a
> plastic "slinky" wrapped in plastic strapping tape & then wrapped in Al foil
> tape. My one experience w/ this type of toroid ( a small child's toy ring
> wrapped in foil tape) seemed to give off a lot of corona loss from the
> "overlaps" of the tape. Does anyone have any tips as to the correct wrapping
> procedure or any "brand names" of foil ducting on the market?  Thanks, Jim

Jim & All:

I have a source for aluminum flex duct that I have used for three
toroids to date.  Contact the firm listed below, at the closest site:

Snappy Air Distribution Products
1011 11th Ave SE
Detroit Lakes, MN   56501
Phone: 1-800-328-2044  or 1-218-847-9258


Snappy Air Distribution Products
P.O. Bpx 29009
Thornton, CO  80229
Phone:  1-800-552-4582 or 1-303-287-2851

Snappy Air Distribution Products
2505 SE Stubb St.
Milwaukie, OR  97222
Phone:  1-503-653-0575

I called the Minnesota plant and asked for the name and phone number of
a distributor in my area, which their sales office quickly provided. 
They also sent me a catalog which shows all of their products.  The flex
duct is manufactured in 3" through 18" inside diameters and has worked
very well.  It comes in 8', 25' and 50' sections and must be pulled
apart to achieve full length--not easy with the larger diameters.  I
paid $10.70 for a 10" by 8' length two years ago and I just bought some
14" for about $23.00 per 8' length, if I remember right.  I purchase 4'
by 8' by 1" aluminum foil covered foam insulation wall board for the
center section and away you go.