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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 11:47:22 EDT
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 << deano,

Today is not my day.  What I said originally is correct, and the 
below "correction" is incorrect.  A STATIC GAP would never fire if
the transformer was disconnected before the gap fires.  But with
a main rotary gap, the gap can fire if the transformer is disconnected
just before the gap fires.        John Freau
> CORRECTION:    I realized I made a slight mistake below in my original
> response right after I sent the post;  if the transformer
> is disconnected before the gap fires, the gap will never fire!!  The 
> transformer would have to be disconnected right after the gap fires,
> within about 1uS or less, and that's probably impossible to do with
> a spark gap.  Guess the ozone is killing too many of my brain cells.
>Sorry about the confusion.           John Freau
> > I considered this idea at one time also. You want to disconnect
> > the transformer just before the gap fires, then re-connect it after the
> > firing to begin charging for the next gap firing?  This "isolating-gap"
> > would have to be of a special design to give a long *on* time, and
> > a short *off* time, and may be difficult to constuct, although I didn't
> > really think through the design too much.
> >  >> snip  (see original posting)        John Freau