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CORRECTION:    I realized I made a slight mistake below in my original
response right after I sent the post;  if the transformer
is disconnected before the gap fires, the gap will never fire!!  The 
transformer would have to be disconnected right after the gap fires,
within about 1uS or less, and that's probably impossible to do with
a spark gap.  Guess the ozone is killing too many of my brain cells.
Sorry about the confusion.           John Freau
> I considered this idea at one time also. You want to disconnect
> the transformer just before the gap fires, then re-connect it after the
> firing to begin charging for the next gap firing?  This "isolating-gap"
> would have to be of a special design to give a long *on* time, and
> a short *off* time, and may be difficult to constuct, although I didn't
> really think through the design too much.
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