Poly Caps

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> 	Some large diameter pipe is available, constructed of HDPE.  I've
> been having a bit of trouble finding a coilform for a large coil I have in 
> the works, and I've just become aware of this.  I'll bet HDPE is an absolutely 
> ideal coilform material.  I'm going to do a sec'y in the 16 - 20 inch range,
> about 48-60 in tall.
> 	If no one is aware of probs with HDPE coilforms, I suggest that 
> those of you looking for larger coilforms try commercial pipe shops
> specializing in sewer mains...that's where I found some.  Unfortunately,
> I'm still looking for an appropriate scrap (it comes in 40 foot lengths...
> :-(
> Also tends to be thick-walled and very heavy; one example of a 20 inch
> specimen had a 0.6 inch thick wall, and the guy said it was 16 lbs/foot!!
> On this basis, it might be a bit impractical unless one could find thinner
> stock.  Anybody out there finding large diameter PVC??
> 						Clay

yes... I happened upon a bit of luck 2 years ago, I stumbled upon some 6 
inch HDPE which I was planning to use on a Van de Graff.  Now it is wound 
with 500 turns of 14 AWG-- I have a coax primary already wound-- I'm 
planning to use 15-20 MOT capacitors in series/parallel for the cap, and 
hopefully I'll find a pig to go with them-- But that is still at least a 
year off until I can get the money, experiential background, and theory 
behind me :).  Another, smaller coil is in the works--
	I found the pipe at Home Base, it was the last one they had, they 
said it had been discontinued.  Too bad for coilers I suppose... But some 
of it is presumably still out there or being manufactured in different