Re: Number of turns for a secondary?

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> Original Poster: Jason Zuberer <jason-at-vortexia-dot-com> 
> I have heard varying things about how to wind a secondary. What is more
> important, hight to width ratio of 3:1 or not exceeding 1,000 turns? I
> am not sure if it is coincedence but the first secondary that I wound
> was matched to come as close to 1,000 turns as possibe without exceeding
> it, but that broke the 3:1 height to width ratio. I ended up stripping
> of 4 inches of turns to increase performance, in taking off 4 inches I
>matched the height to width ratio.
> 	Is it possible to wind a secondary over 1,000 turns if the proper size
> requirements are met and still get good performace?
>			Thanks in advance,
> 				Jason Zuberer


All those rules are just guides.  I built a TC that gives 64" sparks
using a secondary that has 1300 turns.  The coil is efficient and
uses just 1570 watts to give the 64" sparks.  The secondary is
4 1/4" diameter by 23" tall, wound with # 28 wire.  So it doesn't fit
the 3:1 ratio either.  It also uses thinner wire than commonly used.
All the "rules" can be broken and still get spectacular results.  This
tells you something about the rules.  However, because of the large
"bang size" I'm using for the relatively small secondary, it's running
just at the *edge* of coil voltage breakdown.  I use a synchonous
rotary gap too.

Snappy and safe coiling to ya!
John Freau