Re: Number of turns for a secondary?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Jason Zuberer <jason-at-vortexia-dot-com>
> I have heard varying things about how to wind a secondary. What is more
> important, hight to width ratio of 3:1 or not exceeding 1,000 turns? I
> am not sure if it is coincedence but the first secondary that I wound
> was matched to come as close to 1,000 turns as possibe without exceeding
> it, but that broke the 3:1 height to width ratio. I ended up stripping
> of 4 inches of turns to increase performance, in taking off 4 inches I
> matched the height to width ratio.
>         Is it possible to wind a secondary over 1,000 turns if the proper
> requirements are met and still get good performace?
>                         Thanks in advance,
>                                 Jason Zuberer

	It will be interesting to see what the "big boys" say, but those rules
sound very arbitrary, and perhaps even nonsensical.  I suspect that, in
the case you mention, you would have been at least as well off leaving
the extra four inches on the coil.  As long as you have everything tuned
OK, the results should be fine.