Re: Fair Radio Sales HV cap---cool with liquid N2?

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> Original Poster: Doug Brunner <dabrunner-at-earthlink-dot-net>
> I'd like to be able to use one of these caps in my next coil, but I'm
> concerned about the dielectric heating. I had the idea of immersing it
> in liquid nitrogen. Do you think it would work?
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>            --Mr. Postman (Doug Brunner)
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  I think that it would be theoretically possible but impractical to use
anything so esoteric, unless you plan to use superconducting materials in
the system. How about using a refrigerant condenser as a cap chamber:
freon (or other more politically correct refrigerant) may better convect
any thermal accumulation.

X-ray tubes simply use oil baths to both control arc-over and provide
cooling. The high output versions have oil pumps and radiators with
blowers. Considering that 99% of the total power input is lost to heat on
150kW XRtube anode bombardment, this is probably adequate for most

Bryan Kaufman