Re: TC Pics - How To?

to: Jim

For great photos use a vertical wire or rod near your coil.  When the
strike hits it it will climb and produce very thick white discharges on
film.  Shoot at f1.4 or f1.2, Kodak Gold, ASA 100, and expose for 4 second
durations.  You will be very happy with the results.


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> Subject: TC Pics - How To?
> Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 12:05 PM
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> I'm looking for some advice on taking pictures of my coil while its
> >From all the great photos I've seen on the Ring most of you must know
> you're doing & I've already wasted 2 rolls of film with meager (at best)
> results. I have an old Nikon - great camera w/ no electronics & good
> Any help on Fstop, exposure time, film speed etc. would be greatly
> appreciated. Thanks,  Jim