Re: Toroid Design

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> >  So, will this stuff work in this application, or what?
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> >  Robert W. Stephens
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> I had one last thought on this subject.  In today's packaging, many times
> encounters a similar foam packing that expands to fill the box and forms to
> the shape of  whatever is in the box.  The foam is usually separated from
> box and whatever is in it by plastic sheets.  I do have access to such
> packaging now that I think about it and may give this a try rather than the
> construction insulation.  It should not get hot as that would possibly
> the item that it is meant to protect.
> Mike


I know of this packaging foam and it was in fact the stuff I was
thinking of all along.  Please let us know what happens if you get a
chance to try it, with perhaps details on who a supplier might be and
the cost and method of application if possible.

Robert W. Stephens