Re: Toroid Design

Tesla List wrote:
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> > There are two part spray foams available as industrial products that
> > employ a hardener catalyst just like epoxy which should do the job and
> > I've wanted to try this myself but it remains on my enormously long
> > 'Things To Do List'.
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> > Please let us know if you try this.
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> > Robert W. Stephens
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> Just to pick a nit as it were:
> It is not a catalytic reaction at all. A catalyst is not normally made
> part of the final product, but merely assists the reaction. In the case
> of createing polyisocyanate, you combine Polyol and Isocyante, which combine
> in a rather highly exothermic reaction. Care must be taken to avoid
> spontanious(sp?) combustion. I would be concerned with anything over about
> 8"
> in thickness. Granted, the burn is very slow, more like a smoldering,
> smoking
> mess, but it does produce rather nasty toxic fumes. I've sprayed enough of
> that
> crap to know.
> Michael Baumann
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Thank you for pointing out and correcting my misunderstanding of basic
chemistry.  Now that you mention it, I _do_ recall that a true catalyst
does not become part of the reaction, it just triggers it.  High school
chemlab is nearly a forgotten memory.

So, will this stuff work in this application, or what?

Robert W. Stephens